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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Woman Video Calls Through ‘Ghoonghat’ In TV Show, Netizens Go WTF

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The Indian TV serials have crossed all the limits as they are coming up with bizarre things which are highly senseless and beyond any logic. In fact, it appears that the writers of the show are high on something while writing such scenes or they think that there is absolutely no need of brain or common sense in the making of such shows.

In other words, it also suggests that they think of the audience as utterly stupid and that is why they serve just any shit and viewers too accept the stuffs as they are presented, proving that they also don’t want something sensible and are happy with the nonsense they have been watching for some years now.

From the leading actress turning into a house fly or some other creature to accidental marriage, from being locked in a suitcase to getting throttled by a curtain, we have come into a state where logic has bid goodbye from the back door and so called ‘genius’ ideas are driving us crazy, literally crazy.

In one such scene, a woman from an Indian TV show Manmohini makes video call through her “ghoonghat”. Yes, you read that right!

The leading lady of the show played by Reyhna Malhotra holds her “ghoonghat” in a way that it makes a video call automatically and from the other side, a woman appears after which they both interact. Even more amazingly, it happens not once or twice but in almost all the episodes and is something pretty common in the show.

Here’s the video:

The video made netizens crazy and this is how they reacted:

Who needs Skype when you have ‘Ghoonghat’?

Nitin Bhatnagar
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