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Sri Lanka to host Asia Cup 2023; Pakistan may be out

India has hosted the IPL 2023, but Team India will not be traveling to Pakistan to play a cricket match there. Sri Lanka may host the Asia Cup in 2023, with Jai Shah as President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

IPL 2023 has come to an end. There is only one week left till the conclusion of the WTC, but the Asia Cup 2023 is still a ways off. Since the One-Day International version of the Asia Cup is scheduled to take place in September of this year, the location of the tournament is yet unknown. Pakistan has been the host, however BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has made it plain that Team India would not be traveling to Pakistan to play a cricket match there.

Pakistan has hosted PSL. Since then, there has been a natural disaster in Pakistan, specifically an earthquake. For its own advantage, Pakistan had also presented a hybrid model for this, and after that, a propaganda was formed and it was reported that the BCCI had approved Pakistan’s hybrid model. However, in a rush, the BCCI stated that Asia is still not the most important region for cricket, and this has caused some confusion. Regarding the location of the cup, there has been no conclusive decision made as of yet.

The word that best describes Pakistan’s performance at the Asia Cup is breathe. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) learned that Bangladesh and high officials from the cricket boards of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka had also been invited to attend the IPL final, which caused Pakistan’s confidence to begin to grow even more. He was threatened once more by the possibility of hosting the Asia Cup. It has recently come to light that Pakistan isn’t the only country that might host the Asia Cup instead of them.

It’s possible that Sri Lanka may host the Asia Cup in 2023. The highest-ranking officials of the Cricket Boards of a number of nations, including Sri Lanka, are now in India for the final of the Indian Premier League. In the meanwhile, a number of news outlets are reporting that Sri Lanka may be a potential host country for the Asia Cup in 2023. During a chat between top executives of the BCCI and officials of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, it was discovered that Sri Lanka will soon make a claim about it.

This information was found out as a result of the conversation. The ACC meeting is the place where the ultimate decision can be made about this matter. The unique aspect of this situation is that Jai Shah, who also serves as the Secretary of the BCCI, is the President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

Possible elimination of Pakistan from the Asia Cup. The PCB has already said that they will boycott the Asia Cup if the hybrid model is not accepted by all of the participating countries. However, if the rumour that Sri Lanka would host the Asia Cup turns out to be accurate, then it will be interesting to watch what decision the Pakistan Cricket Board makes in that case.

You will recall that Sri Lanka was supposed to host the Asia Cup in 2022; but, the political climate in Sri Lanka was unstable at the time, and the tournament ended up being held in the United Arab Emirates instead. In the meanwhile, it remains to be seen what the ultimate conclusion is at this point.

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