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12 Top Dedicated Server Companies For Startups in 2021

Going for a dedicated server means you’ll have your own server. Find out a dozen top dedicated server companies for your business.

You may ask why you need a dedicated server if you are a startup? Well, then here are some reasons why you should go for a dedicated server: Your website is growing and should be able to withstand an increase in traffic. Your website’s security is a concern. You want your website loading times to be as fast as feasible.

Other benefits of a dedicated server include complete access control, complete anonymity, and guaranteed server services based on your hosting contract. Furthermore, dedicated servers perform a good job of keeping your website safe and predictable. If you need hosting for a website that receives a lot of traffic, dedicated hosting is the way to go.

The finest providers can often track the server for flaws, such as malfunctioning applications, and will even patch them until you realise there is a problem.

Having the appropriate decision is critical for this type of investment.  You may now want to know about the top dedicated server companies, if your company is a startup. Well, let me tell you that not every new business needs a dedicated server. However, when you reach a certain size then the benefits start to become more pronounced.

Here’s a list of 12 top dedicated server companies that you should check out for your startup:

1. OVH Hosting Inc., headquartered in France, was formed in 1999, during the height of the first e-commerce bubble.OVH has since built a reputation for itself as a major global hosting company.  OVH expanded into the rest of Europe in 2006, when it launched branches in France, Spain, and Senegal. OVH has grown to become Europe’s largest hosting provider, with operations also in North America and Africa. OVH now operates 17 services in data centres worldwide. OVH now hosts over 18 million websites and licences almost three million domain names. That is rather impressive for a European company.

2. Hetzner.com is Germany’s biggest and most trusted experienced European website hosting company, providing web hosting and internet services to small individual and enterprise users since 1997. Hetzner.com fuels servers in its data centres using power generated from renewable sources. With over 20 years of hosting and datacenter experience, you’re in excellent hands. Hetzner.com provides round the clock service and gives you the finest routing and network efficiency available. Hetzner’s finest security monitoring system, which he has tried and tested, ensures that the data is secure and secret.

3. Liquid Web offers a trustworthy and lightning-fast dedicated hosting service. It comes with powerful servers and a plethora of useful tools to ensure maximum effectiveness on your websites. Liquid Web offers dedicated servers in both Linux and Windows flavours.

4. PhoenixNAP was founded in 2009, but it has since grown to become one of the world’s largest web hosting firms.

PhoenixNAP offers network infrastructure across the United States and Europe, making it an excellent choice for trans-Atlantic companies. The firm offers colocation, cloud hosting, bare metal servers, and other options.

PhoenixNAP promises 100 percent uptime for its energy and network connections. It provides service level agreements for many servers. The company’s data centres are secure, with 24-hour security, motion detection systems, camera monitoring, and smoke detection alarms.

5. Internap Corporation (INAP) aspires to be a national partner for bare metal and cloud computers like AWS Cloud Managed Solutions and Azure Cloud Managed Solutions. INAP has been a major provider of data centre services since 1996.

INAP works with customers ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 organisations. It fulfils their particular needs for highly reliable IT solutions. INAP specialises in assisting businesses such as e-commerce, healthcare, online recruiting, advertising, financial services, and online gaming.

6. Limestone Networks is a Dallas-based company that hosts clouds and servers for customers all around the world. Limestone Networks strives to meet the diverse demands of the sectors it serves by providing free backup storage space as well as managed and unmanaged hosting services.

Limestone Networks allows you to run a variety of Linux and Windows systems on your server. The options offered vary depending on whether you have a cloud computing subscription or a dedicated server. To manage your server, you will utilise the Limestone management panel.

7. Cloud hosting services such as Vultr have emerged to provide consumers with an appropriate option. Vultr was launched in 2014 and primarily provides cloud storage options.

Vultr is all about providing high-quality, cutting-edge gear.

Despite its simplicity, the control panel provides a plethora of configurable options as well as detailed information about instances or servers.

The Control Panel also allows for staff oversight and the distribution of privileges to other users.

8. ServerPronto is a hosting company headquartered in the United States that has been in business for over 15 years. ServerPronto employs cutting-edge technology in its data centres and provides its clients with fresh hardware. A multi-tier 1 10Gbps backbone and server speeds of up to 1Gbps provide safe and dependable service for all clients.

Their packages are adaptable, which means that if you discover that your demands surpass the parameters provided, you can simply change your plan. While many hosting providers provide unfettered bandwidth, most also provide limited or shared capacity, which might lead to problems if anybody consumes a large amount of server resources.

9. Datapacket was founded in 2014 with the objective of providing high-bandwidth networking at a low cost.

This hosting plan offers a 7-day trial period to allow you to test your unrestricted 10Gbps bandwidth. You receive limitless bandwidth thanks to their 5Tbps+ network across the EU and the US. Furthermore, without aggregation, each dedicated server receives 10Gbps of bandwidth.

The price packages are reasonable, and there is no set-up cost or commitment. Finally, you can count on constant assistance by phone, chat, and email.

10. InterServer has been in the web hosting business for quite some time.

Since 1999, the firm has grown to two data centres in New Jersey and is growing into new markets. VPS hosting provides the most options, with 16 distinct levels of plans to choose from.

The company also advertises itself as a low-cost provider.

No matter which of these options you select, you’ll notice that all of the plans are reasonably priced. With such cheap prices and so many options accessible, it’s difficult to find something they don’t do or do well at.

11. In terms of B2 Net solutions Servermania was established in 2002. Today, the firm offers a comprehensive range of web hosting services. The company is well-known for offering the greatest hosting choices at an amazing price.

Continue the ServerMania Analysis 2021 by debating the benefits and drawbacks of ServerMania. So you can decide whether server mania is the best or worse solution for you. Overall, the internet is secure and simple to use.

12. LeaseWeb is a worldwide provider of IaaS infrastructure and a member of the OCOM Group.

The business provides web hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting, CDN, and colocation services. LeaseWeb offers a 99.9999 percent uptime guarantee. The company employs cutting-edge technology to ensure the continuous efficiency and availability of cutting-edge data centres.

LeaseWeb has incorporated many redundancy layers to ensure consistent high performance and to deliver efficient and stable hosting services.


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